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President's Christmas Message


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President's Christmas message

It is almost a year since I put together my last message to you all. It is amazing how quickly a year passes!

Our Battalion has had its up and downs during the year but has weathered everything that has been thrown at it. We have participated in a good number of events and successfully hosted the football completion in the spring of the year. No doubt the coming year will have it's own set of challenges - and as always the battalion will meet them head on and come through on the right side as we always do.

I am immensely apprecaitive of the work that is done by all of our Officers and helpers. The times when they are seen at BB nights and other activities is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the time and effort they put in. Thank you all for all that you do. I am also very proud of the efforts of our Boys and the results that they achieve - both as individuals and as team members  - whether that is in sport, band, Duke of Edinburgh, etc. Well done to you all!

In closing I would like to wish every member of the Battalion and all of your families, a Happy and Blessed Christmas and a successful 2020.

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