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Disbandment of 5th Dundee Company


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It is with deep regret that we have to inform you that at their Meeting held on Tuesday 24 October 2017, the Kirk Session of Chalmers Ardler Parish Church Dundee, decided that their 5th (Dundee) BB Company would no longer continue from that date. 

A number of circumstances led to their decision, (1) they could not find leaders or a structure that could provide an appropriate format to meet, (2) as a consequence each of the current registered leaders would resign from the Company and The Boys’ Brigade and (3) the impending transfer of their Minister, and Company Captain, Rev Kenny Stott, to Perth North Church, made any really positive decision impossible. 

Rev Kenny Stott will continue as a Registered Leader and hopefully will use his experience if he becomes the Chaplain of the 16th Perth Company at the North Church.

Arrangements are in place to contact the current roll of boys at the 5th and give them details of other local Companies they may wish to consider joining.

It needs to be said that the support and commitment we as an Organisation and Battalion have had from Chalmers Ardler Parish Church and in particular Rev Kenny Stott have allowed the Company to survive until now and the decision to close was not taken lightly.  The 5th (Dundee) Company has been around continuously since 1896, firstly at Chalmers Church in Hunter Street until it moved to its present location.

We are very sad to note this development and hope that this experience will spur others to volunteer as leaders and ensure no more Companies in our Battalion go the same way but, rather, expand and flourish for the good of the young people in our communities.

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